Flexible packaging

Since the 2000s, the Beka printing company has been transforming flexible packaging for the food and consumer goods industry.
Single-layer or complex printed flexible packaging for manufacturers, particularly the food industry.
The know-how acquired in film processing techniques, our knowledge of materials and their applications, makes it possible to support manufacturers from the design to the implementation of their flexible packaging. The competence and mobilization of a young team ensure the service and flexibility required by current industrial cycles. Permanently maintaining a stock in line with market demand guarantees the success of our responsiveness.
Regular investment in production tools, an evolving quality system and a sustained effort in the development of human training are the vectors of controlled growth.
We print and cut a range of packaging films suitable for the food industry markets and products packaged for mass distribution.
To meet the diversity of technical requirements, we offer complex films to combine the properties of the two supports: waterproofing, weldability, mechanical and optical properties.