The BEKA Printing Company began its activities in 1992 with the manufacture of labels and immediately afterwards (because of the unavailability of plates), the manufacture of plates flexo photopolymers in 1993.
Thanks to several internships in Europe (Germany, France, Belgium) as well as many contacts with professionals in the field, the BEKA printing Company was able to develop its technique and implement its skills up to date with the remarkable development of flexography in the world since the 90s.
Our printing company now participates in the progression of flexography in Algeria and is positioned among the pioneers in this technique and achieves thanks to its customers loyal customers of many quality products in a wide variety of areas.
Acquisition of the first license in Algeria for HD FLEXO in 2011.

- Manufacturing of self-adhesive labels,
- Manufacturing of flexo photopolymer plates,
- Manufacturing of stamps,

- Technical and commercial director,
- Photoengravers,
- Infographics,
- Flexo conductors,
- Accountant,
- Commercial.

- Development of new techniques in the printing of labels as well as the manufacturing of photopolymer plates.
- Formation of a solid team on the technical and commercial level.
- Collaboration and human relationship.